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Buying a car online

I’ve been driving the same VW Polo for 8 years. A few weeks ago it finally retired because of a worn-out crankshaft bearing. I was suddenly in de market for a new car and decided to see if I could buy a car online.

Buying the Polo in 2010 was a traditional experience. I had visited the dealership a few times to discuss and configure the car. This as followed by a discussion about a similar car that was already in production. Finally, we agreed on a small discount for that car over the configured option.

Fast-forward three months. The dealer notified me that the car had arrived. We made an appointment for pick-up. What followed was more coffee, a big reveal of the car, and payment.

How different it was this time.

We found our next car on In one evening we made sure this was the car we wanted and clicked ‘order’. A phone call by Bynco followed, and we were set to receive the car at 8am a few days later, delivered at our house!

Delivery itself was quick and painless. After a quick check of the car all that remained was an online payment, and transferring of the ownership. By 8:45 I was on my way to work.

Compared to the time-sink that traditional car-buying is, I prefer this no-nonsense approach. A few years back I’d never thought to buy something this expensive online. Today, I realize that it’s actually better than buying offline.