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I’m a management consultant banker by day, a hobbyist ruby/go programmer by night, and a dad to two little girls.

At ABN AMRO, I am responsible for Artificial Intelligence. I am optimistic about the increasing use of AI, but I also think AI is the wrong name. It is better called Cognitive Automation. However we call it, I am optimistic it will make companies more efficient, customer contact more personal, and decisions more data-driven. I’m happy to see these technologies take foothold outside of the tech giants. And, I see a need for introspection and reflection as AI is developed and rolled out. As it enters everyday usage, we must address the challenges on data usage, ethics, fairness, privacy, and bias.

Other things I do

My side-project is an automatic emergency shift planner for dentists. It provides about 50 dentists with fair assignment of emergency shifts, reminders to make sure no shift goes forgotten, and a shared view so that its always clear who is on call.

I enjoy reading about technological development and the software world in general. This blog is my (small) contribution back to that ecosystem.


This blog represents my own opinions. They do not represent the postings, strategy or opinion of my current or past employers.

Thanks for reading!